Our e-commerce expertise

With more than 15 years of experience, ALLWIN is an expert in e-commerce solutions.

Through our consulting and development teams, who have years of experience, we solve all needs, requests, and challenges using a routine and professional approach.

In our e-commercesolutions, we recommend the latest technologies and solutions. 

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Open to modern e-commerce

The explosive technological developments of recent years have also reached the field of trade in this rapidly changing and developing world. The question is no longer whether to open up to online business but how to do it to remain competitive and meet consumer expectations.

Adapt your online store to your business needs

Many e-commerce options are available, even with a few clicks , but these webshops offer minimal customization. The customer has to adjust their needs to the online store rather than the online store adjusting to the customer's needs.

Instead, our uniquely developed online stores offer tailored solutions for all customer needs and challenges, whether they are simple or complex ideas!

Why choose ALLWIN for e-commerce solutions?

Easy integration with other systems (ERP, invoicing, CRM, sending newsletters
Compliance with GDPR and other legal frameworks
Access management
Multilingual pages
Reporting, kpis, cashflow planning
Combined trade, marketing, and operations
Solutions that increase customer experience
Smoother purchasing process
Simple management of promotions, discounts, coupons
SEO friendly
Sophistactedinventory management
On-premise and cloud solutions
Efficient customer service

How does a modern online store help your business goals?

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Better customer experience

Increase the trust of your customers with a simple and easy-to-use online store.Provide enjoyable shopping processes and increase user engagement with a modern-looking, intuitive, and smoothly usable online store.


Whether you have well-known, lesser-known, or even utterly unique software, we easily integrate it making information available in one place. This helps to run smoother, more efficient operative work or planning.

Can be customized

Adapt your online store to your own business needs. Every business is different, so every business requires a unique solution. Define your ideas and business goals, and let's design an e-commerce solution to help you achieve them!

Improve every day

Analyze the operational performance of your online store, and see where you may be losing customers or what your best-selling products are. Improve the efficiency of your operation, reduce costs, and speed up various commercial, marketing, or operational processes using multiple reports.

Trust us with data security

Keep all sensitive data safe from phishing, hacking, and cyber-attacks. Guarantee compliance with GDPR principles and compliance with legal regulations and standards.

Our e-commerce expertise and technologies

Thanks to our extensive professional experience, we are aware of the specific challenges of the field. With our up-to-date technological knowledge, we can provide solutions to questions affecting your specific area.

Most frequently used technologies:

Open or closed-source solutions

An open-source or closed-source solution can also be used according to customer requirements. Our consulting team helps to find the right webshop engine and source code to select the best solution for the customer.

Power BI

A solution for analyzing a lot of data created by the peculiarity of e-commerce. The creation of visual, spectacular graphs, statistics, comments, and forecasts from inventory numbers, the number of purchases, and all data, with the help of which decision-making time is shortened and has a more objective basis.

Headless commerce

In contrast to traditional e-commerce solutions, headless commerce offers much more space for developing unique ideas and functionalities. This is because the customer interface can be freely designed without modifying anything in the various connecting or integrated background systems. A proper enterprise solution for your company.

NopCommerce, UCommerce, Sitecore Order Cloud

We offer a multi-level solution for any arising customer needs.


Microsoft development framework, which enjoys continuous support.


Optional virtual POS terminal for secure online payment. (e.g., Simple pay, Barion)

Google Analytics

A tool to monitor customer behavior to increase conversions.


Why allwin

All of our solution proposals are unique. We design and create tailored proposals that match the customer's needs. We consider market trends and standards and use the most modern tools available.

Based on the environment used by the client, the number of current and expected visitors, and the commercial products and services, we select the solution that also offers a solution for long-term needs.

Our principles, which we do not let go of:


We do not give in to the win-win mentality! In other words, we always keep in mind the interests and concerns of all parties so that everyone is satisfied with the result.


Although mutually accepted rules determine our collaborations, we quickly adapt to expectations if necessary.


We are at the forefront of innovation and growth; ALLWIN is driven by an open mindset and a desire for continuous improvement. Learning is in our genes.


People are at the center of our company and business processes. In addition to creating an inspiring and comfortable environment, we consider it essential to support our colleagues' personal and professional development. The success of projects depends on the quality of the collaborations. That is why our partners can enjoy our full support, patience, and competent guidance during the  partnership.

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