Azure Cloud services

Walking the path of digital transformation requires innovative systems and bold, strategic planning.

And since data is king,  businesses need secure cloud-based storage systems UsingAzure’s end-to-end services—from Azure Storage to Azure Sql, Azure DevOps to AzureMonitor—we create an agile environment to store data, run operations and create new app services at speed.

With our expertise, you’ll have more time to focus on strategy and avoid any cost of building your own cloud infrastructure.    

The benefits of Azure

Data flowing from the cloud

Smooth migration to the cloud

Secured data

Secure data storage

Faster operations


Increased scalability

A safe, modern, technology-based solution for your business

Cloud operations

Operating from the cloud improves business outcomes and modernizes infrastructures. Plus, pivoting and evolving your business is easier in the cloud. With a central, agile and accessible environment, working cultures improve and services scale faster.

At ALLWIN, we help you consolidate IT infrastructures, modernize applications and develop at scale by leveraging Azure Cloud services such as DevOps.

As an open-source platform, Azure DevOps offers a set of agile tools to easily plan and discuss work across teams, create and share packages, build code, manage extensions and test and deploy products.

Need to get in the cloud?

Cloud migration and modernization

More and more companies are accelerating their digital transformation in the cloud. And by moving your databases, digital assets and applications there, you’ll find a more agile environment for development.

We will help create the right strategy for your migration to the cloud while building a safe, secure and modern infrastructure. We’ll also optimize your data to create a foundation for more innovative applications.

Using Azure Storage and Azure SQL, we offer intelligent database services that support modern, secure cloud applications and real-time data insights from connected environments.

Planning a migration to Azure Cloud Services?

We are ALLWIN.

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Cloud development

Getting new services to market or developing organizational capabilities is faster in the cloud. Plus, working in an optimized environment can accelerate app development and foster a cloud-native approach.

We have the expertise to evolve your systems and build cloud-native applications to improve business outcomes and reduce your costs.
And we’ll work in the secure, safe Azure environment to build scalable apps and API’s fast.

Contact us for faster development and scalability.

Kubernetes Services

Kubernetes controls the allocation of resources and management of cloud applications. It’s a way to simplify microservice infrastructures and scale applications using containers.

Azure Kubernetes offers more flexibility and agility in testing, automation, along with seamless integration with existing workflows and an expanded coding environment to build improvement.

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