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The need

Gedeon Richter, a multinational pharmaceutical company driven by innovation, has its headquarters in Hungary and maintains connections to over 30 local and affiliate offices. Their goal was to establish a consistent marketing approach that would avoid the multitude of variations in structure, design, and branding used by other offices.

Business goals

Gedeon Richter recognized a need for a new global website and single framework to apply to all their international sites. With the implementation of a centralized platform and a unified set of technical solutions, the company aimed to achieve a consistent approach to marketing and website design across all locations and languages. Their goal was to ensure that all websites reflected their core value of innovation.


By reviewing all existing Gedeon Richter sites and platforms, ALLWIN deployed a consultative approach. This process revealed the necessity of developing a scalable, multi-site system that would streamline designs and structures while accommodating any regional variations.

To optimize the potential of this project, we used Kubernetes to build the architecture of their framework.


As a cloud-based service, we were confident Kubernetes would offer the best opportunity for web hosting at scale. We also knew it would be the best option to enable the necessary customizations between each country.

Container orchestration platform

Container orchestration works to automate service operations such as workflows. But to build and package containers safely and securely, we used a specific platform called a Docker. Using a docker promotes better security for the client by removing the majority of bugs during development.

CDN Azure

We used CDN (Content Delivery Network) Azure to optimize speed and site access. With dynamic services and a unique set of rules, CDN Azure serves user requests fast. What’s more, CDN Azure enabled a super-fast user experience and fully optimized multi-territory framework.

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Gedeon Richter knew that creating a consistent brand identity, user experience and web presence would be critical to their long-term growth as a multinational. So, by focusing on an improved user experience, scalable systems and uniformed branding, we enabled Richter to transform their digital approach and user experience across all territories.

Due to this success, Richter has instructed us to create a strategy for personalizing the customer experience. And because we deployed the strategic approach of Sitecore as a scalable end-to-end solution, we’ve set the groundwork to continuously improve all aspects of Richter’s strategy. What’s more, with our streamlined approach to content management Richter is boosting customer retention and driving brand loyalty.

As their long-term development partner, ALLWIN plans to make further expansions Richter’s customer experience. This is likely to include the development of a data exchange framework and the synchronization of data products from external data source.

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